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Spend less and save time on your projects with OREBEND BLDRS INC threading and end preparation services. We make it easy for you to get the perfect pipe you need and get it cut accurately under one roof. Commercial and mechanical industries in San Francisco , Bay Area benefit from our pipe threading and end preparation capabilities. OREBEND BLDRS INC provides complete fabrication services to its clients. No matter where your industry is located, we ensure safe delivery of your projects. Whether your industry fabricates pipe in-house or outsources it, OREBEND BLDRS INC fabrication, threading, and end preparation services will compliment your fabrication and will enable you to get the task done.

We offer a broad range of piping services including:

  • Pipe fabrication and installation
  • On-site assembly and repair
  • Hydro testing
  • Bolt torqueing

Pipe Welding

OREBEND BLDRS INC provides in-service pipe welding to the commercial and industrial customer, delivered to the highest standard of efficiency and accuracy. The pipe welding requires a great deal of experience, knowledge of equipment and material and technological competence. With our team of welders with hands-on and in-class training, we perform all kinds of pipe welding tasks efficiently, cost-effectively and with complete quality control.

Pipe Threading

OREBEND BLDRS INC is an organization of strategically-located pipe thread and pipe end cutting preparation facilities to serve the unique requirements of our customers from project to project. When you get in touch with our pros at OREBEND BLDRS INC for pipe fabrication and pipe cutting, you have the assurance that we will complete your order to your required specifications. We offer a competitive turnaround time for regular orders and will quote an industry-best lead time you can depend on for larger pipe fabrication requests.

When your request is sent to OREBEND BLDRS INC for processing, we record all of your specifications in our database with attention to detail ensuring accuracy and precision in services.