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Welding Services

Our team of professional welders provides customers with a wide choice of services including:

Structural Steel and Aluminum Fabrications— we have the ability and experience to carry out the project from concept to completion with top quality manufacturing services. Show us your design and layout for custom machinery and equipment and our fabrication team will deliver what you need, on time.

On-Site Repairs— are you worried about moving equipment around when it breaks down? Don’t worry, our team of qualified welders will come to your location and get the job done quickly and efficiently. We make it our priority to help maintain uptime and minimize disruptions to your manufacturing process.

On-Site Service Pipe Welding— from cold cutting and weld-prepping of new service pipes to repair and replacement of damaged flanges, hubs, and valves, OREBEND BLDRS INC Welding can get all your on-site pipe welding tasks done.

Mig Welding Service

At OREBEND BLDRS INC Welding Service, we have earned a reputation for quality and efficiency in MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding Services. This welding service is used in railways, shipyards and construction sites for joining components and building structures. We have a team of experienced welders who impart MIG welding according to the client’s specifications. We ensure timely execution, cost-effectiveness, and dependability in our welding services.

TIG Welding Service

More to our welding services, OREBEND BLDRS INC is capable of providing TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding to companies that require TIG welding technology for installation, repair, and maintenance. Following our quality standards, we strive to maintain the integrity of metal, objects, and structure. When you select TIG services from OREBEND BLDRS INC, be assured that only a well-trained TIG welder is assigned to perform all metal work.

Stick Welding Service

As a full-service company, OREBEND BLDRS INC renders Stick welding services with attention to detail and an understanding of our clients’ needs. The trained and experienced welders ensure the best Stick Welding Services, making us stand ahead of our competitors. We are capable of working with all kinds of non-expensive exotic, and precious metal materials.

Benefits of Working with OREBEND BLDRS INC, the Welding and Fabrication Services:

One of the most significant benefits of working with OREBEND BLDRS INC is that we have the staff, equipment, and training, necessary to carry out a broad range of metal work to our customer’s satisfaction. We have established an outstanding reputation within the industry, and our ability to deliver only the best quality metal work and excellent customer service speak for itself.

If you require any metal work, including welding such as MIG, TIG or stick welding, get in touch with us for a cost-free consultation and quote.